50th Anniversary of Statehood Commission


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Governor?s Office
Lenny Klompus
Keith Vieira
Vivian Aiona
Tammy Kubo
Stafford Kiguchi

U.S. Pacific Command
Major General Vern Miyagi

Judge James S. Burns
Kahu Curt Pa’alua Kekuna
Walter Dods, Jr.
Denise Hayashi
Ah Quon McElrath
Ted Tsukiyama, Esq.

Duk Hee Murabayashi
Elias Beniga
Danny Young
Allicyn Hikida Tasaka
Kippen de Alba Chu
Edward Pei

City & County of Honolulu
Michael Pili Pang (Executive Director – Mayor’s Office of Culture & Arts)

Hawai`i County
George S. Applegate (Chairman/Executive Director Hawaii Island Visitors Bureau)

Maui County
Deidre Tegarden (Coordinator for the Office of Economic Development)

Kaua`i County

Ms. Lani Nakazawa (Executive Assistant to the Mayor)

The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Lori Thomas, Chairperson of the Board

Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Trustee Donald Cataluna

Hawai`i Tourism Authority
Muriel Anderson

testimony by Kippen de Alba Chu to:
A. Committee on Economic Development and Taxation pdf
B. Committee on Tourism and Culture pdf html
C. Committee on Finance pdf html

Nov. 15, 2007 Governor Convenes Meeting of 50th Anniversary of Statehood Commission html

August 17, 2007 Lieutenant Governor Statehood Day Message pdf

University of Hawaii; Academy for Creative Media. HB. No. 1868. html

University of Hawaii, Academy for Creative Media. HB 2521, HD2, SD3 html

January 22, 2008. HB 2909 Appropriates funds for the Fiftieth Anniversary Commission html

HB 1352, HD1. Establishing a Commission to Plan for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood html

SR No 98, 2001, Native Hawaiian Sovereignty; Urging Federal Action and Support html

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